Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Awry is Awrong Edition

“Police are investigating a fatal shooting during a robbery gone awry at a southwest Albuquerque smoke shop on Friday.” Awry? Awry would have been an innocent taking a bullet. We’d say things went about as well as they could have, given the circumstances. An un-named clerk shot an un-named robbery suspect until he stopped. Breathing, that is. And got the skinny from the clerk’s cousin: “The clerk always carries a gun with him, she said. ‘You know, just the world we live in now, I mean, he’s always prepared to defend his family, his friends, and himself,’ Baumeister told the television station . . . ‘It’s unfortunate when things have to end this way.'” Hard to argue with that. We don’t know if the fact that the store appears to sell more bongs than Bolivars or Benson & Hedges makes it any more crime prone, but the clerk got to go home that night. The robber . . . not so much. [h/t Aaron L.]