Obscure Object Of Desire: SIG/Sauer MK25 SEAL 50th Anniversary Edtition

Since 1962, Navy SEALs have been training like fiends in the Coronado surf and unleashing all kinds of hell on our nation’s enemies. For the damn few who have worn the SEAL trident over the past half century, SIG/Sauer is offering the most exclusive commemorative firearm offer ever in the entire history of ever . . .

The Navy SEAL 50th Anniversary MK25 is sold only to SEALs or their immediate family members. If you’re not one of them, don’t bother asking. SIG/Sauer is a class act, and at $975 they’re taking a loss on every one of these tastefully-engraved guns as a gesture of gratitude to the warriors who made them famous.

Posers and shitbirds need not apply: SIG/Sauer is thoroughly vetting the credentials of every would-be purchaser. Interested buyers must provide their name, rank, serial number, unit, dates of service, commanding officer, and BUD/S class.

That is all. Carry on.