Self-Defense Tip: Buy an Ammo Safe

Hollywood would have you believe that fire “sets-off” ammunition—to the point where good guys and bad guys alike run for cover. The media buys into this myth as well. To wit: “The residence, owned and occupied by Butch Jones, was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived,” reports. “Jones was trapped inside.” What’s worse, Jones had a shotgun, a rifle and several handguns in the home, along with approximately 8,000 rounds of ammunition, which were ignited by the blaze. Ammunition began exploding from the heat of the fire.” Exploding? Time to reach for my coffee cup . . .

There will not be bullets zipping around your home [in a fire], nor should there be an explosion. Since most bullets weigh more than the case—the bullet will remain in place and the case will only move a few inches. Also, since the ammo is not confined, it will not discharge like it will in a firearm chamber. It will only “pop” a little.

That would be commentator coffeecup back in the day over at The information doesn’t get out much. Back to the conflagration in Cass County Texas:

Jones’ grandson Dustin Jones was attempting to move a boat and trailer away from the fire when he was suddenly hit in the upper left leg by exploding ammunition coming from inside the house fire. A possible stray shell casing may have been the culprit. An ambulance was requested.

Yes, well, here’s the real problem: firefighters. Despite the physics of the situation, if firefighters hear that you’ve stashed 8k rounds of ammo inside your domicile they will most likely “err on the side of caution.” In other words, they’ll listen to the pops from a distance and let your house burn to the ground.

You might say STFU during the fire fighting phase of an emergency response but that would be wrong. The firefighters need to know what they’re dealing with and where. Their lives are more important than your house.

A fire resistant ammo safe is a better idea. I know: you don’t really need one. But it could save your house from immolation and you do you need a bigger gun safe. (Who doesn’t?) Go on, admit it: the idea of a entire safe full of ammo thrills you to the core. Win win?