Question of the Day: What’s the Big Deal About Printing?

TTAG commentator Buuurr writes: “I’ve always wondered what the obsession with printing was myself. I wear my Springfield XDm 9mm with the extended mag in a pocket holster all the time. The mag of the gun sticks out of my pocket if I do anything but stand straight. I go to the bank, the grocery store and near everywhere else but the post office like this. No one notices. And if they do notice they do not care because no one has commented on it before. I have a very cute daughter that is of the ‘random-women-of-all-ages-in-public-places-stopping-us’ age and none have said anything or looked to be surprised. Nine out of the ten of the most common stores and shopping centers we visit have a uniformed police officer at the door. Nothing…

I guess I would just like to ask what everyone is afraid of? Not just the guys in this particular thread but everyone. Why not just carry it?

My wife once asked me what they would do to me if I walked into a place that did not allow guns, “arrest you?” She said. She had a great point. I go nowhere a gun is not permitted except the post office. If I walk into a place where my gun is not welcome there damn well better be a sign because if I am arrrested (which is unlikely) I have an awesome case for entrapment. And if the place does not have a no carry sign and someone goes off on me well now I have a great case for harassment. It’s a win win situation.”

So what’s the big deal about printing?