Question of the Day: What’s the Best Litmus Test for Gun Rights Advocates?

When I interviewed Glenn Beck at the NRA hoedown, I asked the conservative talk show host whether or not he supported Constitutional Carry (i.e., no paperwork required for concealed carry). To my surprise Mr. Beck said “the people” aren’t ready for it. This despite the fact that concealed carry-related blood isn’t running in the streets of Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming. Is that a fair litmus test for a gun rights advocate? To that I would add a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on restored gun rights for felons. A test that Mitt Romney would fail. “I do support the current National Instant Check System,” the presidential hopeful told the Chris Cox in an NRA sit-down, “because it simply verifies that a gun buyer is not disqualified under current law.” Obviously, Romney can’t go there. Is it even fair to ask? What else should be asked?