Khloe Kardashian and Rob Pincus Together . . . For An Afternoon

This is SO not fair. TTAG writer and firearms instructor Rob Pincus sent me a snap of his training session with Khloe “FFBF” (Famous for Being Famous) Kardashian and told me to “be nice.” That’s like spending a day at the beach watching an SI photo shoot for Genevieve Morton, only a lot more frustrating. So here’s the straight dope on KKD’s MOA from our favorite dome-headed gun guru: “Stuff like this helps us reach a demographic that Outdoor Channel and American Rifleman never even graze. She was a great student… honestly. You can say that I introduced her to the fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting with a carbine and handgun…  and she did a familiarization with full auto fire as well.” Make the jump for Khloe’s take on the ballistic bonanza and some more shots of her trigger time . . .

“Earlier today Scott and I and a few friends went on a little adventure together. Scott has been wanting to learn how to shoot for a while now and didn’t have anyone to go with him, so I volunteered. It’s always good to try new things! So accompanied by two police officers and a gun specialist, we ventured out into the middle of the ocean where it is safe to shoot and we practiced a little. I personally like the land of glitter and unicorns better but hey… to each his own!”

A reality show never looked so real. Although I prefer a rod and reel when I’m fishing for compliments.