Incendiary Image of the Day: Say Hello to Oleg Volk’s Little Friends Edition

Ace photographer Oleg Volk’s latest agit-prop poster serves a stark warning to the police: no-knock raids are a big no-no at the Volk household. “If courts don’t stop no-knock home invasions, bullets and other means would have to,” Oleg’s blog warns. “Given the extreme danger posed to lawful people by violent police invasions, it’s no wonder many households have moved from shotguns to rifles for defense. The same tools work for stopping non-unionized criminals who merely pretend to be police or just barge in without bothering with an excuse.” One thing’s for sure: it’s only a matter of time before a no-knock S.W.A.T. team knocks on the wrong door (in all senses) and meets its comeuppance. Will that put a damper on the cops’ court-approved “home invasion” tactics? I doubt it.