Gun Rights Policy Conference: Emily Miller Hates Glocks


No question: Emily Miller was the belle of the Conference ballroom. The Washington Times scribe’s speech—detailing her transition from gun ignorant to America’s number one firearms newbie—was humble, funny, passionate, informative, inspirational and educational. Emily’s hands may be smaller than Barbie’s but she had an entire room eating out of them right from the git-go.  She told the throng that the police down at the DC Bureau of You’ll Never Jump Through All These Hoops and Get A Gun But Here We Are Anyway were not helpful—except that they told her to get a Glock. “‘Cause cops love Glocks,” Emily said, triggering a wave of hearty, sympathetic laugher. She kept going . . .

“They’re ugly,” she said. “I wanted a two-tone gun ’cause I like the look of the steel and most of the time you just have it next to you and look at it and I like pretty things and I’m a girl,” or something like that. (I’ll get the tape.)

The laughter wasn’t quite so enthusiastic after that one. And there it was again, “Glocks are ugly. They really are.”

Readers of her series know that Emily ended up with a two-tone SIG P229. Which she still can’t carry on  the streets of DC and really should either be in a safe or on her hip in her home. Emily doesn’t home carry.

Ms. Miller hates Glocks. It’s a simple personal preference. Good for her and God bless America for giving her, and all of us, freedom of choice. All Americans are free to hate or not hate Glocks as they see fit. More importantly, All Americans should be free to buy and carry, or not buy and carry, Glocks as they see fit.

That said, Glocks save lives. Even if DC’s fascist poo-bahs suddenly decreed that residents were “free” to carry a Glock—and nothing else—it would be a huge step forward for a city where criminals prey on the weak and defenseless, as criminals are wont to do.

I repeat: there’s nothing wrong with playing the dozens with The People of the Gun, showing them that you’re in with the in-crowd. But Emily’s crusade is about restoring DC residents’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Miller should be celebrating Glocks even as she’s dissing them.

It’s a small point made by a writer without a tenth of Emily Miller’s personal charisma or persuasive power. A writer who owns several Glocks (and other brands) and uses one to defend his life. Who holsters-up and looks down and thinks man, that is one beautiful gun. Also available in two-tone.