NSSF Changes SHOT Show Media Day Formula

Last year, we intrepid reporters made it out to the desert near Las Vegas for the SHOT Show Media Range Day. It was billed as an opportunity for the press to get a peek at the newest gear and guns coming out and get some experience handling them. In reality it was more like an excuse for SHOT show exhibitors to bring their friends and goof off on the range. In other words, it was overcrowded and we couldn’t get as much trigger time with the guns as we would have liked. This year, things will be different…

The NSSF has decided to chop the media day into two halves. The morning session has been reserved for select media on an invite only basis, while the afternoon is more of a free-for-all (still need to register and all that jazz ahead of time, though). From the NSSF:

The next Media Day at the Range will be held Monday, January 14, 2013. At the upcoming Media Day there will be two sessions. The first session will be open to invited media members only at 8:30am. The invited media registration is now open and the invite email has been sent out.

The afternoon session will be open to pre-approved and at-large registered media beginning at 1:00pm. The NSSF pre-approved registration email has already been sent out to those individuals. The at-large registration will open October 1, if space permits.

There will be a no guest policy in effect at Media Day at the Range 2013.

This change has been made thanks to feedback from Media Day last year, to have an even safer shooting environment and to allow exhibitors to spend more time with members of the media.

Do you guys care? You probably don’t. We would have brought you the best coverage of SHOT Show 2013 either way. But this definitely helps, since all four of your intrepid reporters are on the VIP list and got the invite.

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to once again bringing you the BEST coverage of SHOT Show 2013. Aww yeah.