Magpul to Announce 6.8 SPC Polymer Magazines, New LWRC Project

While 300 BLK may be my round of choice, 6.8 SPC was on the scene first (and, according to some, does the job better). But there’s a problem: there aren’t really any polymer magazines on the market that fit the wonder round. Instead of being based on the 5.56 NATO round like 300 BLK, its based off the 30 Remington case. Which means that standard magazines aren’t an option and there haven’t been any really good replacements. Until LWRC let the cat out of the bag about a new project…

A rumor has been going around the internet that Magpul is going to be making some polymer 6.8 SPC magazines, and the reason we heard about it is that LWRC posted some images of a new 6.8 SPC carbine that they’re developing for the military.

The fact that LWRC is making a 6.8 SPC rifle is nothing special, but what is interesting is that it seems to be a joint operation with Magpul for the magazines and Federal / ATK to make some nifty ammunition for the rifle.

Details are still a little scarce, but here’s what Darren (LWRC Executive VP) posted on their forums:

One thing we noticed on high speed video was the crimp groove in the primer caused a bit of erratic ejection when combined with a 5.56 ejection port opening and the angle of the case deflector. This accounted for 2 stoppages in 1000 rounds (stove pipe). The angle of the deflector was changed, the port opening is now tapered from front to back (20% larger at the front), and the ejector was changed slightly. With the gun optimized as it is and with the consistency of the ATK ammunition, you can literally catch brass in a coffee cup.


The six 8 upper is different other than external dimensions. It matches and supports the feed lips for the magpul mag.

So, new magazine, new upper AND lower receiver design, and a new ammunition. We’ll let you know more as information leaks out, but we’re expecting the full details to be available around SHOT 2013. What we do know (including these pictures) comes from LWRC’s forum, which might be a good place to stalk if you’re an LWRC junkie.