Magpul Announces New Colors for Fall: Grey and Pink

The first time my sister saw a pretty pink AR-15, she decided that she absolutely had to have one. It was just too cute! Apparently my sister isn’t the only one that thinks pink is perfect for their Barbie doll like firearm — in fact, there has apparently been so much demand that Magpul has decided to start making their MOE furniture in pink. Oh, and some grey color too. From their Facebook page:

Coming to the Magpul line in late fall…Two new colors: “Stealth Gray” and “Pink”. Stealth Gray will begin with the MOE products and will gradually be rolled out across our full product line. Pink will be a limited release, starting with the MOE Grip, Stock, and Carbine Handguard. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more photos.

Would I buy pink AR-15 furniture ? Probably not. Then again, I don’t think I have the right equipment for this demographic. But I know enough girls that would buy a pretty pink AR-15 that it might not be a bad idea, and anything that gets more girls into shooting gets an A+ in my book. Tapco has been making pink furniture kits for a while, and with the growing female demographic it makes sense to expand the color pallet a little bit as the audience for Magpul equipment grows.

No word yet on whether magazines will be available in the new colors.