Question of the Day: What’s Your PH Factor?

Taurus just launched a new site — and a movement, if you believe the home page. Carry On supports the “growing brotherhood and (yes!) sisterhood of those who choose a concealed carry lifestyle,” along with Second Amendment freedoms. So what’s not to like? And they’re promising more to come, too, to go with their new presences on the Twitters and MyFace. Anyway, in addition to the Taurus promotional info, the site has links for finding a range near you, the NRA-ILA’s gun laws by state page and the NSSF’s First Shots program. One more thing: they want to know your PH factor. We were kinda at a loss until it was revealed that PH is short for Preferred Handgun. Looks like Taurus prez Mark Kresser doesn’t mess around — he’s a PH-357 man. So now that you know, what’s your PH factor?