Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Double Tap Edition

“This is like my house, I open up here 6:30 in the morning until 9 o’clock seven days a week for 40 years, this is my house, this is my business.” That’s seventy-year-old Edilberto Fontanez, owner of Eddie’s market in New Haven. He’d already faced down a couple of previous robbery attempts, so when Brandon Mills tried to knock the store over, Fontanez used a little ballistic persuasion to discourage him . . .


Fontanez, behind the counter, grabbed his own gun and fired off two shots. The bullets went through a can in the store and layers of women’s stockings, but did not hit the gunman.

Mills, who is suspected in several robberies in the same Hill neighborhood, was caught moments later by police for which Fontanez is grateful.

So it looks like it’s back to three hots and a cot for Brandon who, at 24, was already a convicted felon.

“These people got the right to carry a gun, they’ve got the right to rob people, they’ve got the right to kill people,” Fontanez said. “What about us? What we got? We’ve gotta have some rights too.”

And you do, Mr. Fontantez. Fortunately. In addition to making a living selling coffee, candy and Klondike Bars, you also have your Second Amendment right to protect yourself and your business using deadly force — despite the best efforts of the civilian disarmament lobby. We know you’ll keep that in mind when casting your vote it a few weeks, right Eddie?