Brown Signs Bill Outlawing Open Carry of Long Guns

Continuing in the California tradition of attacking the state’s really big problems, Governor Moonbeam signed a bill on Friday that bans long gun open carry. Assemblyman Anthony Pantload Portantino says he wrote the bill after protestors began carrying long guns to protest an earlier Golden State law that outlawed the open carry of unloaded handguns. […]

How Dangerous is Your Average Gun Store?

Ever wonder why some fun stores won’t let you carry loaded guns on the premises? And some even prohibit outside gats altogether? You’ll read some cranky Armed Intelligentsia comments on the subject here from time to time. But incidents and accidents like this, from, may have something to do with those policies: “An employee […]

Another Pistol in an Airport – One the TSA Missed

By Kate As a corporate security advisor, I regularly encourage people to arm themselves before they travel abroad—with information about the crime, civil unrest, terrorism and no-go areas of their destination. In the main, they never seem to worry about getting there. They believe that TSA security “keeps us safe from terrorists” (imagine the voice […]

Gun Rights Policy Conference: Attorney O’Mara Confirms Zimmerman Won’t Plead Out

Never underestimate RF’s ability to sidle up to just about anyone and extract some significant scoopage. His latest victim: George Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara who is adamant that, given the preponderance of evidence in his client’s favor, they’re not looking for a deal to avoid going to trial. In his estimation, the broken nose Zimmerman […]

Fox News Airs Suicide on National Television

If there’s anything that has come to define the state of modern mainstream news gathering it’s tabloid TV. And many argue that it all started with that slow procession of the white Bronco down LA’s freeways. That broadcast bacchanalia, though, had the distinction of involving a prominent individual involved in a lurid murder that commanded […]

It Should Have Been a DGU: Accent Signage Shootings

“A man fired from his job at a Minneapolis sign-making business pulled out a handgun and began shooting up its offices, fatally wounding the owner and four others before turning the gun on himself, police said Friday.” Andrew Engeldinger had been fired from Accent Signage Systems and, according to huffpo, had struggled with mental illness […]

Quote of the Day: Violent Tableau Edition

“So I have a request for proponents of unlimited access to guns. Spend some time in a trauma center and see the victims of gun violence — the lucky survivors — as they come in bloody and terrified. Understand that our country’s blind embrace of gun rights made this violent tableau possible, and that it’s […]

About that ID Thing…

By Robert K. One of the arrows in my quiver when debating friends and associates about gun control is that fighting for the infringement of any right erodes the strength of all of our rights. And now that unpleasant reality has smacked some squarely in the face in the form of Pennsylvania’s new voter ID […]