Quote of the Day: Reason 3 Why Mike B Doesn’t Live in America Edition

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“In one thing I agree with the gun-rights folks. It’s the violence of the people that’s the real problem. When walking down the street in the US towards a group…

Brown Signs Bill Outlawing Open Carry of Long Guns

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Continuing in the California tradition of attacking the state’s really big problems, Governor Moonbeam signed a bill on Friday that bans long gun open carry. Assemblyman Anthony Pantload Portantino says…

And try to ignore the screaming.

(H/t to my dear wife, who never would have found this for me if she didn’t watch Glee.)


Self-Defense Tip: Keep Firing Until The Threat Is Neutralized

And try to ignore the screaming. (H/t to my dear wife, who never would have found this for me if she didn’t watch Glee.)  

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Gun Right Policy Conference: Erik Royce Wants to Keep On Trucking

  Interstate truckers are prime targets for violent crime. They schlep cargos worth millions of dollars: cigarettes, electronics, designer gear—if it wasn’t worth money they wouldn’t be trucking it. Drivers…

How Dangerous is Your Average Gun Store?

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Ever wonder why some fun stores won’t let you carry loaded guns on the premises? And some even prohibit outside gats altogether? You’ll read some cranky Armed Intelligentsia comments on…

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Worried About Your Safety? There’s A Useless App for That

While it’s easier to avoid doing stupid things with stupid people, sometimes life takes you to stupid places. Case in point: I’ll be spending a few days in gun free…

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The Most Useless Rifle You’ll See All Day

I was watching Sniper again last night (the first one, the good one), and noticed something damn near hilarious. When Berringer and Mr. Douchebag are hiding out waiting to take…

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Never Again Edition

The more things change…. Reuters reports: “A leading member of Germany’s Jewish community had to point to a gun he was carrying to ward off a young man shouting anti-Semetic…

Game Review: Borderlands 2

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There seems to be an unfortunate trend in first person shooter games these days. Namely, they all seem to be trending towards the hyper-realistic military shooter. Like the Call of…

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Gun Rights Policy Conference: Emily Miller Hates Glocks

  No question: Emily Miller was the belle of the Conference ballroom. The Washington Times scribe’s speech—detailing her transition from gun ignorant to America’s number one firearms newbie—was humble, funny,…

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Question of the Day: What Would You Tweet Mayor Rahm?

Chicago’s been out of ideas for a long time. “More gun control!” Yawn. That’s so 1974. Apparently acknowledging that fact, they’re appealing to Chicagoans for advice on dealing with the…