A Plastic AR? Oh My!

While browsing at my local range last night, the guy behind the counter was admiring my MOE Handguard, and offered up his new toy for my perusal. Seen above, that’s a mostly polymer lower for the AR 15 platform made by New Frontier Armory. In fact, the only metal parts I could find were the springs in the trigger assembly and the buttstock parts. Even the hammer and trigger were made of plastic polymer. Now I’m not anti polymer by any means . . .

I gleefully own and shoot my M&P’s and XD(m)’s til the cows come home. Or I hit one. Then again, a parabellum puts a little less stress on plastic than does a 5.56 x 45mm NATO round. So let’s just say I have my doubts about long term reliability. But at $109.99 for the complete lower, give ’em points for being price competitive.

They must be busy because NFA’s website says they are taking 6-8 weeks to fill orders, but we’ll be throwing our hat in there to try to get a plastic fantastic for evaluation and review. Watch this space.