Candidates Backpeddling on Anti-Gun Rhetoric

With only 99 days left on the stump to have their voices heard, our incumbent President and the presumed GOP nominee have gone eerily silent on anything gun related. Connie Cass of the AP writes that the candidates have evolved towards gun rights. Can this be true? Have both candidates suddenly seen the light? She then goes on to pretty much tear the President and GOP candidate new ones on how they started their carriers and made comments regarding increased gun control, but low and behold nothing is getting done. Even after the horrific event in Aurora. Her entire hoplophobic argument is trying to understand why aren’t they doing something? . . .

Questions abound regarding the NRA and GOA’s influence on the hill and in the oval office. Do our gun advocates have an unbreakable stranglehold on our government? It doesn’t seem so given the heated rhetoric and ridiculous legislation being thrown against the wall even in the run-up to the election.

Those who are running to keep their jobs will want to stay as far away as possible from this whole thing until calmer heads can prevail. Knee-jerk reactions to anything usually aren’t successful or helpful in the long run. In fact most of the protesting from politicians falling over each other to get in front of the cameras is probably intended more for getting face time and scrounging up votes than actually passing legislation.

Cass points out that Mitt Romney isn’t exactly a golden boy in regard to gun rights either. Most of us looking at this upcoming election probably aren’t one-issue voters. Given her descriptions of the candidates, there’s good and bad on both sides as far as 2A is concerned. She points out that Romney became a life member of the NRA just prior to launching his election bid. Even as a matter of convenience that carries some weight despite some of his past voting history. You wouldn’t want one of the NRA’s most famous members voting against your wishes now would you?

At minimum it gives the NRA an ear. Probably. Obama on the other hand has some serious ground to make up. John Lott has quoted Obama as saying, “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns”. That was the beginning, middle and end of the conversation as far as our president is concerned. According to Lott, Obama has since refused to have any meaningful discussion regarding gun control. Obama’s silence at this point is more meant to try and placate anyone who might think of voting for him but actually owns a firearm.

Are we winning the battle over gun rights in America? I’d like to think we are. It’s a long road ahead for both advocates and opponents alike. We may never completely settle the the issue of our second amendment rights, either for or against.

Historically we are a country which hasn’t been invaded by a foreign army. Central American gangs may a different matter, but the point is that people who don’t have any recollection of ever needing to defend themselves or their country from tyranny or foreign invasion tend to begin to believe it isn’t really important. They can develop utopian  values. It can be very easy to fall into this trap.

Citizens tend to rely now more than ever on government, from settling disputes to raising their children. Protection is another area where many have simply closed their eyes and put their blind faith in government. The people of Aurora, Virginia Tech and others received shocking wake up calls that they need to take responsibility for their own protection.

We in our communities across the nation need to begin to take responsibility for our safety and sovereignty. Whether it’s the local chapter of the Zetas or defending your family from a home invader, it’s our right and duty to provide that protection and safety. And hey, if the zombie apocalypse ever does really happen, you’ll be the most popular person on the block.