UK: Six Knife Murders Per Week

“SIX people a week are stabbed to death on the streets of Broken Britain,” the reports. “Latest figures show a shocking 332 fatalities in a year — the worst toll since records began . . . The latest figures show knife deaths have almost doubled in the last 30 years. The total is up 58 on two years ago and 80 more than in the last year of Tory rule. There are also 60 non-fatal knife crimes daily, with 22,000 recorded in the year.” So we can expect the UK to being the process of restoring gun rights then, right? Nope. To turn an old British expression on its head, they’re finishing as they mean to start . . .

“Its a shame that knife crimes has increased so much a Britain and the police and politicians has choosen not to do much about it,” commentator redstar19756 writes. “The authorities are showing more concern in hosting the 2012 Olympics! Time to get your act together Britain!”

Look for more draconian anti-knife laws, as gun rights continue to fade into The Land of Hope and Glory’s collective unconscious.