Question of the Day: Should A Blind Man Carry Concealed?


Kyle [not shown] emailed TTAG central:

My name is Kyle and I am a visually impaired adult living in Florida and will be getting a permit to carry a concealed firearm the 1st of September. I was talking to my father recently, who owns a gun but does not carry, about the idea of me owning and/or carrying a firearm and he was very opposed because i’m “blind”. This was a bit shocking as the fact that my impairment would hinder my ability to safely and effectively use a firearm had simply not crossed my mind . . .

About my “impairment.” While I am “legally blind”, considered disabled and unable to get a driver’s license my vision is actually quite good. If you met me and talked to me you wouldn’t have any idea I had a visual deficiency. For those of you who understand visual acuity, i’m about 20/60. Basically this means I can see people, cars, trees, etc. It’s the details that escape me. Reading street signs, license plates, and so on. It’s also worth noting that my vision is significantly worse in one eye.

I am more than familiar with firearms, I have been to the range a handful of times and plinked with a friend’s .22 on his property, and I can say with all confidence that I am a decent shot at 50 ft.

So this is the question I pose to you and the greater gun community, Do you think it is a bad idea for me as a visually impaired person to carry a gun? Provided that I am a responsible adult who has undergone the required training and licensing procedures as well as practiced with my carry gun?

I really enjoy reading the site and look forward to reading your thoughts on this.