Obscure Object of Desire: Falken Industries M-Series Lightweight Titanium Suppressors with Monolithic Baffle System


David Crane over at defensereview.com reports that owners of MP-5, Uzi, Colt and other fixed-barrel systems can now attach a Falken Industries M-Series Lightweight Titanium Silencers/Sound Suppressors with Monolithic Baffle System. Falken’s Prez tells TTAG (below) that these babies won’t reliably cycle most tilting barrel pistols, so Glock and SIG style pistols can pound sand (loudly). Or buy a less-exotic Falken suppressor designed for the task. More good news! As an ATF-classified Special Occupational Taxpayer, the company’s not Falken around. They can provide LEOs, security companies and “qualified individuals” with all that cool NFA stuff (e.g., sound suppressors). I wonder if they can help you jump the queue for a tax stamp . . .