9 out of 16 Rounds Fired by New York City Cops May Have Hit Civilians

USA Today reports that New York’s Finest may account for nine casualties in the shootout between Jeffrey Johnson and the police on a busy Manhattan street. “The wounded include two women and seven men sent to two area hospitals whom Bloomberg said may have been accidentally shot by cops, who fired off 14 rounds.” So police may have had a “hit ratio” of 9/16—on innocent bystanders. That’s considerably better (worse) than average. Back in ’08 The New York Times reported that NYC police “hit their targets roughly 34 percent of the time.” I wonder if someone in the media will have the balls to confront Hizzoner on his “only cops (and celebrities) should have guns” policy. [NB: headline and text updated from 14 to 16 shots fired by the NYC PD.]