Jeremy Alcede Gets a Lesson in Supply and Demand

It seems a lot of customers have been demanding to know why Alcede publicly supported the Stop Online Ammo Sales bill. And throwing his lot in with dedicated gun grabbers probably caused demand for his products to fall faster than Facebook’s stock price. Our post yesterday detailed Jeremy Alcede’s eagerness to toss online ammo sellers under the bus – thus eliminating some of his competition – and putting a few more shekels in his pocket. We tried to reach Jeremy for comment, but he musta been kinda busy handling the blowback that resulted from his radio interview. But reader geekay got a response from the Katy, Texas retailer and forwarded Alcede’s email along to us. Make the jump to read it. Just be sure you don’t get trampled during all the furious Zumbo-esque backpeddling . . .

Gee Kay

First, I want to get it out there that I DO NOT support an ammo sales ban. I am never comfortable with any idea that puts “firearms” or any “firearms related item” and “ban” in the same sentence. I am not a traitor to the 2nd Amendment. I believe all law abiding citizens should be able to possess as many firearms as they want. Fear is used as a tactic regularly and after the most recent scare with the UN Treaty, I must admit that I felt threatened. Threatened that they would sign something into law that banned firearms and this ammo deal seemed like an easy compromise. Here, have the ammo deal but keep your eyes off of my guns.

My opinion on the online sales ban was clearly made out of being uneducated in the way that laws are passed. I honestly did not see an issue with banning online sales of ammo. I have never purchased ammo online, even before I opened this store 2 years ago, so I really didn’t think stopping online sales would be a big deal. I said “if you give them an inch, they will take a mile” and I truly did not believe that this was giving them anything. The phone calls and emails that I have received have told me a completely different story. The outraged citizens that heard my radio interview and took the time to call or email to voice their opinion, also took the time to talk to me, to explain to me where I am missing the point. I had no idea how passing something into law works and how allowing online sales to be banned opens the door for that law to be amended to change the type of ammo, or the amount, or caliber… the list goes on and on.

When the comments and emails started coming in after the interview I definitely did not understand the anger. Some people claimed my statement was based on greed, based on profit- and this is absolutely not the case. My prices are competitive with online pricing and in most cases after shipping I beat online prices. I do not gouge our customers like some have speculated. Tactical Firearms is the largest class III dealer in the US, 1 of 3 master distributors of Fiocchi Ammunition, and I strive to offer the best customer service to everyone that walks through the doors. My business runs on volume and the prices are set to drive that volume. My opinion was not formed from fear of competition but the lack of experience with purchasing ammo online and the lack of knowledge of politics.

I am all about protecting our rights, including our right to privacy. When they passed the law that requires the Southern states to file multi-rifle reports I upgraded our FFL to become a manufacturer so that, by law, I was not required to file those reports anymore. I was contacted by the ATF and asked if I would please still file them as a courtesy and I let them know that it wasn’t going to happen.

I have posted contact information for our local government on our Facebook page and urged our customers to contact them and fight for our rights. The idea that anyone believes that I support anything anti-gun is heartbreaking but this experience has certainly opened my eyes and I have learned a lot in these past 24 hours. I see it now. I feel foolish for thinking there was such thing as compromising in this regard. Matt Patrick with 740 AM has invited me back on the show tomorrow morning 8/3/2012 to clear the air.

Jeremy Alcede