eBay Bargain of the Day: Flow Thru Ventilated Laptop

That’s a gently used Asus Zenbook that eBay seller zzyzzx1130 is trying to unload. But give him credit – he’s totally up-front about the ‘puter’s condition. While it works perfectly, it does exhibit one rather prominent sign of wear. I’ve heard Irvine can be a tough town, but it looks like it could give Chicago a run for its money. About that bullet hole…armoryblog.com titters at the the explanation zzyzzx provides: “a firearm discharged accidentally while being maintenanced.” Do you think it was the firearm or the computer that was being “maintenanced” at the time of the gunshot in question? No matter. Seeing as how it’s a Windows machine, I’m surprised it isn’t sporting even more bullet holes. [h/t thegunwire.com]