The Detroit PD Doesn’t Like Competition

Rick Ector takes a back seat to no one in his advocacy for Second Amendment rights. His latest caper: staking out a Detroit gun buyback with some like-minded buddies across the street from St. Cecilia Catholic Church and offering to pay those who showed up more than the measly $25 to $100 being offered inside. […]

Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Forgetful Jones on Gun Rights

“We have to pass stronger gun laws in this state,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told U.S. News after another bloody week in the City of Big Shoulders (and even bigger body counts). “We’re not talking about repealing conceal/carry, but making sure we have a tougher set of laws dealing with assault weapons and other types of guns.” […]

Quote of the Day: Misplaced Faith Edition

“…(I)n rejecting guns, Jews elect to put their full faith in government — also imperfect, as well as haphazard, biased, even vindictive. Placing faith in government rather than in legal rights places faith not in laws but in human discretion. Such a choice is necessarily foolish. And faith in powerlessness is still worse, demeaning and […]

OMG, OMG! A Deaf Kid! Signing His Name! OMG!

We’ve all heard stories of abject stupidity where schools’ zero-tolerance policies are concerned. Our favorite has always been the Rutherford County School’s prohibition on gnawing a slice of pizza into the shape of a pistol. But pants-wetting hoplophobia apparently knows no bounds, especially where public officials are involved. Thus, we have a new contender in […]

Quote of the Day: Turning the Other Cheek Edition

“(N)owhere in Scripture does Jesus give us permission to solve our problems, respond to aggression or even defend ourselves with violence. In word and in deed, we are often called to fight injustice and violence with words and actions that are distinctly NOT violent, even in self-defense. Turning the other cheek, defending with a sword, stoning of the prostitute, etc, […]