Gun Preview: Springfield Armory XD-S .45 ACP With Extended Grip

I received a surprise email from our friends at Springfield Armory last week. Their girl Friday (a.k.a., Deb) was sending an .45 caliber single-stack XD-S pistol to my FFL. Following its debut at the SHOT show, the compact XD-S is hotter than Candice Boucher. Astute members of the AI will notice that the grip on this particular XD-S seems a bit long. It’s one of the first extended mags for this gun that’s been seen in the wild. We were hoping to run the gun before it hit the shelves (and disappeared), but we won’t let editorial petulance interfere with an honest and thorough review. After that, it’s off to RF/Ralph for a shoot-out with the Glock 36. Watch this space.


About Ryan Finn

Ryan Finn is the Director of Operations and an Associate Instructor for Montana Tactical Firearms Instruction as well as a contractor for Vanguard Security Consultants when he isn't writing for TTAG. In his free time he is a volunteer firefighter and enjoys spending time in the mountains with his family.

15 Responses to Gun Preview: Springfield Armory XD-S .45 ACP With Extended Grip

  1. avatarGuardian says:

    It seems as though SA has gone back to the straight slide serrations vice the angled version. Or is it Just the photo angle? Anyway, I would still love to get my hands on one of these.

    • avatarGabriel says:

      I examined one at a local gun shop yesterday. It did have straighter serrations than the other guns in the XDM family. I personally did not care for the fiber optic front sight, however.

      • avatarMatt in FL says:

        Not to be pedantic, but it doesn’t “have straighter serrations than the other guns in the XD(M) family” [emphasis mine] because it’s not a member of the XD(M) family. At first I thought it was part of the XD family, but it really does seem to be its own animal.

        * It has the slide (and straight serrations) from the XD line, except the XDs slide has an externally visible extractor and no striker status indicator.
        * It has the frame and grip serrations (and interchangeable backstrap) from the XD(M) line.
        * The slide release is from the XD, the takedown lever is from the XD(M).
        * XD(M) have match grade barrels, XD and XDs do not.

  2. avatarRuffRidr says:

    Very cool. I have always been a fan of the Springfield XD series of guns. I am certainly looking forward to your reviews.

  3. avatarMotoJB says:

    Purdy…looking forward to the review.

  4. avatarMatt in FL says:

    Hatred borne of jealousy is a dangerous thing, Ryan. You would do well to be careful.

    Really looking forward to reading about it. Really wring that sucker out, because it’s on my list, and I’ll be relying on this to be the first non-puff review I’ve seen.

    • avatarMark N. says:

      I’m especially jealous. It’s not coming to California. I have a sense of abandonment…

  5. avatarben says:

    I cant imagine this gun will be pleasant to shoot. I have the xdm 45 compact and its higher bore axis combined with its light weight makes it uncomfortable compared with the glock 30. I’ve had buyers remorse ever since the first range visit after purchasing it (wasn’t available as a rental).

    • avatarCarlosT says:

      Hmm, I love my XDm .45 Compact. Very comfy for me. My only problem is I bought a case of ammo I can’t shoot at my range.

    • avatarGlexpat says:

      Got mine today……..awesome little compact to handle and shoot. A great gun.

  6. avatarRobertD says:

    We had 2 show up at work last week. I had them both sold by 10:30. I wish I had more time to spend with it. The +2 mag will be a huge winner.

    Looking forward to the review.


  7. avatarCarlosT says:

    I’m considering this as my “Mr. Rogers” gun. Come home, slip this in a pocket with a pocket holster, and have something handy even if I’m hanging around in shorts and a T-shirt.

  8. I just bought one today at a Gun & Knife Show in Cadillac, MI. I didn’t know that they even made an extended mag! Does that mean it holds two extra cartridges making it [7 + 1]???

  9. avatarRonbo says:

    My XD .45 compact is very comfortable to shoot. I’m a bit concerned about the grip size of the XD-s, but I’m going to give it a shot.

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