U.S. Army Training for Martial Law


For decades, gun control advocates scoffed at gun rights advocates who claimed that the government wanted to grab their guns. And then, Hurricane Katrina. The New Orleans police confiscated civilian firearms. (Click here for the NRA report.) Less well known: the National Guard joined the effort. Well, not all of them. Click here for Guardsman Joshua May’s refusal to violate his fellow citizens’ Second Amendment rights. One wonders if U.S. troops would grab guns in the aftermath of another catastrophe. Say, after a terrorist’s nuclear bomb attack. Or a massive earthquake. Or a major “civil disturbance.” Would American troops respect our right to keep and bear arms if called to confiscate? Doubtful. More than a few members of our Armed Intelligentsia have prepared for just such an eventuality (e.g., some gun owners have buried firearms). You?