Taurus TCP: The Mouse Gun That Roared


“In a surveillance video released by the police department, [Samuel] Williams, who is seated at a computer in the corner of the café, is seen standing up and pulling out a .380-caliber handgun shortly after the two men are apparently seen storming into the café and swinging a bat at something off screen,” ABC News reports (in their own clunky way). We now know that Mr. Williams was wielding a two-tone Taurus TCP. The mouse gun got it done. That said, a quick troll of the firearms forums reveals that the incident has done nothing to pacify gun owners fighting the ongoing not to say eternal caliber wars. While no one is displeased with the incident’s end result, the question remains: is a .380 “enough gun” for armed self-defense? Clock commentator Blitzkrieg’s take over at northwestfirearms.com . . .

Use a sufficient caliber and they may never do it again.. as I have belabored here repeatedly .380 is a backup caliber. And he better get some training cause it might be fun to shoot them in the buttocks but it’s WAY bad tactics

While we hash that one out, Taurus is doing nothing to promote the TCP in light of its successful, well-publicized deployment. Nor do any of our gun dealer friends report a sudden rush of OFWGs looking for a $352 (msrp) 10.2-ounce 738 Taurus TCP. But it’s safe to say that Mr. Williams’ defensive gun use will do nothing to diminish the TCP’s appeal and much to enhance it.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting conundrum . . .

Mr. Williams won’t take any heat for it, but it looks like the septuagenarian fired five shots in total, two at the fleeing thugs. That’s a not-so-clear violation of Florida’s law regarding lethal force. Mercifully, none of those “extra” rounds caused any collateral damage.

Might the outcome have been different if Williams had been using a gun with a more potent round (i.e. firing a bigger bullet that would have traveled further with more force)? Again, it doesn’t look like he emptied his mouse gun, but if he did, would he have kept shooting with a gun with even greater capacity?

Something to think about.