Question of the Day: Why Do Women Have Gun Tats Pointing at Their Nether Regions?

I had a date with a particularly charming young lady once who had a sleeve tattoo. No big deal. Until she asked if I wanted to see the tattoo on her back. She was wearing a full set of angel wings. I resisted the urged to tell her I don’t like chicken. And something pithy involving the word “pluck.” But that was pretty much that. While I wouldn’t totally discount dating a woman with a pistol pointing to her reproductive organs—depending on the action, caliber and verisimilitude of said firearm—I am completely mystified as to the tat’s symbolic meaning. Besides, what happened to the rule “never point the muzzle at anything you don’t want to destroy”? Oh wait. Anyway, the net is chocka block with female (and male) abs adorned with firearm tats. What’s the appeal?