New From Charter Arms: PITBULL 9mm Rimless Revolver

TTAG’s had its issues with Charter Arms. Or vice versa. Charter really, really didn’t like it when we pointed out that the Son of Sam spree killer (a.k.a. the “.44 caliber killer”) made their Bulldog famous. We also gave their Target Mag Pug one star. And so on. Now the all-American revolver maker’s gone and introduced a 9mm version of the Pitbull, caps lock and all. “The 9mm Rimless Revolver PITBULL uses the same unique rimless cartridge extractor assembly system as the Charter Arms .40 cal Rimless Revolver. A dual coil spring assembly located in the extractor allows insertion and retention of a 9mm cartridge in each chamber of the revolver’s cylinder. After firing, the shooter can easily eject the spent cartridges for immediate reloading . . .

That would be the same system Dan slated at SHOT show for the fact that you had to prise out the spent cartridges with a blade. Of course, it’s certainly possible that the press gun was pressed into service a few too many times and Charter’s sorted its S out and anyway . . .

Nick Ecker, President of Charter Arms, added, “Shooting enthusiasts will appreciate owning an American made revolver in 9mm and finding ammo is readily available and affordable. With its reduced recoil, the PITBULL is user friendly for even the beginning shooter.”

Note to Charter: the world’s most popular firearms blog is ready to test a sample. Fair and slightly mentally unbalanced, that’s us.

Specs for the 9mm Rimless Revolver PITBULL include:
Model #: 79920
Capacity: 6 shot
Barrel length: 2.2″
Frame: Stainless Steel Glass Beaded
Grip: Neoprene
Overall length: 6.75″
Height: 5″
Weight: 22 oz.
Hammer: Spurred
MSRP: $465