I just finished recording and editing a conversation between myself and Tyler Kee. It was the standard stuff we talk about whenever we see each other — guns mainly — but since it keeps us entertained, I figured it might keep you all entertained as well. Topics for discussion included Tyler’s trip to Gunwerks, the upcoming Bail Out Bag segment, Summer Carry in Texas, which firearms we’re investigating and whether the term ‘assault rifle’ is appropriate for a gun blog. You can find it on our brand new podcast, or just click here for a direct download of the audio file.

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10 Responses to Now Available on TTAG’s Podcast: Episode 1

  1. Damn you John Deere ad!

    oh… Great stuff guys! I look forward to much more gun banter to listen to at work.

  2. I believe you meant to write:

    ‘…between Tyler Kee and me.’ It is a prepositional phrase, so me is correct.

    • The use of myself in this sentence is acceptable because the speaker is both the subject and the object of the sentence.

  3. You should really post these podcast on YouTube also, you’ll get far more “views” (listens) that way. Just ask Hickok45

  4. The problem I had with your use of the term “assault rifle” is that it’s incorrect. “Looks like” does not equal “is” and assault rifles are capable of full-auto, which is a pretty big distinction. One step away from “OMG they sell machine guns at Wal Mart.”

    Also I prefer the term “Evil Black Rifle” myself..

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