New from Colt Competition: AR-10 in .308

Colt Competition is the brand of Colt products designed specifically for the competition shooter. Until now they’ve only offered 5.56 AR-15 style rifles, but they’ve just introduced a rather nifty design in .308 . . .

Those who know me know that I hate it with a passion when a company makes a minor change to something and calls it a whole new rifle, and normally this would fall under the same category. But thanks to some engineering from the guys at Warne (yes, the scope mount people) this rifle comes with a remarkably adjustable gas block.

A normal switchblock gas block has two options — on, or off. So when you pop a silencer on the front of the gun, you’ve either got an over-gassed rifle that puts extra strain on the parts for no good reason, or a rifle that works more like a bolt action that anything else. Colt Competition and Warne came up with this fantastic solution: an adjustable gas block with 22 settings and adjustable without any tools at all.

The gas block is also available on their existing line of 5.56 caliber rifles. For those of us with cans its perfect, and even if you don’t have the stamp in hand you can tune your rifle to work precisely with the ammunition of your choice.

I have to admit, I want one.