Romney Panders To NRA, Anti-Gunners. Simultaneously.

“Actually the law that we signed in Massachusetts was a combination of efforts both on the part of those that were for additional gun rights and those that opposed gun rights, and they came together and made some changes that provided, I think, a better environment for both, and that’s why both sides came to celebrate the signing of the bill.” Mitt Romney, CNBC, July 23rd, 2012.

How can anybody know what to make of this guy? As governor of Massachusetts in 2004 he pandered to gun-grabbers and made his state one of the worst in the nation for gun rights . . .

While signing into law a permanent ban on many kinds of semi-automatic rifles, he proclaimed “Deadly assault weapons have no place in Massachusetts. These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.” With Republicans like Romney, who needs Democrats?

But then he became an NRA life member just a year later. And in 2012, as a GOP presidential candidate, he pandered to the same NRA and delivered a speech at their 2012 convention.

And just yesterday on CNBC he pandered to anti-gunners and the NRA at the same time. He claimed that his gun ban was a good idea for MA at the time but he won’t try to do the same thing on the federal level, kinda like health care, right? And then he claimed that the MA gun ban was ‘celebrated’ by the gun-rights community.

Okay, we get it: Mitt Romney is all about insincere ingratiation. He’ll say anything he thinks you want to hear, and if that doesn’t make you happy he’ll change. He can’t help it; it’s just the way he rolls, but what the hell does he think this shameless knob-slobbering will really accomplish?

And which alleged ‘gun rights supporters’ actually took the bribe, drank the Kool-Aid, and celebrated his permanent ‘assault weapon’ ban?

Let the Etch-A-Sketch shaking begin. Or resume, as the case may be.