Has it Really Been a Year?

I’m one of the newer writers on staff at TTAG, and certainly not part of the “old guard” like Dan, Nick, and RF. But tempus sure does fugit. Its been one year since my first article posted here. I got my first taste of being published and watching people give feedback and its been a wild ride since. In that time, I’ve . . .

Reviewed a cool electronic scope from Burris

Had my first case rupture

Rediscovered my love of .22LR

Taken you whitetail hunting

Taken Nick hunting for the first time

Blown things up

Checked out bulletproof cars

Become a licensed concealed carrier

Crossed NV Hog Hunting off my “bucket list”

Purchased a Garand

Open Carried for the first time

Put rounds on steel at 950 yards

I’m forever indebted to RF, Dan, and Nick for all the help, guidance, and fact checking they’ve done for me. It’s been a truly incredible year and it literally would not be possible without readers like you. You don’t read our stuff, we don’t get to do cool things and write about it. Its as simple as that. Here’s to cranking out even more content in the coming year.