Gear Review: Comp-Tac Two O’Clock Holster

After I bemoaned the width of the Comp-Tac Minotaur AIWB holster, Tiffany at Comp-Tac was quick to send out their Two O’Clock model for review. I have to say, after a few days toting the Two around, I’m almost an AIWB convert. I’ll give credit where credit is due, the appendix position is wicked fast. As I’ve stated countless times, Kydex is the fastest material I’ve had the pleasure of putting hands on. Put the two together, and you have possibly the fastest drawing holster a little bit of money can buy.

The Two O’Clock is a no frills Appendix IWB holster specifically fitted for your carry piece. For this review, I used my EDC Springfield XD(m) 3.8 Compact 9mm. One of the biggest gripes folks have with the appendix position is the barrel digging in on the fleshy part of the thigh in a seated position. The secret I have found is to position the holster in such a way as to get the barrel to sit between the jewels and the thigh while seated. The Minotaur was just too wide to facilitate this on my relatively small frame (32-34 inch waist depending on jean maker). The Two O’clock is significantly narrower which allows the holster to be positioned almost in line with the navel.

Speaking of positioning, the Two O’Clock doesn’t sport the same adjustability that the Minotaur does for ride height. My hope is that future iterations will allow some sort of adjustment. I found the ride height to be just about perfect. Given that there is only one clip for support, this might have been a compromise between stability and comfort. Your mileage of course might vary.

A quick note on stability. You can see in the video right around the 1:02 mark, I turn to face the camera and wiggle the holster back and forth. For EDC, I don’t think this is a huge issue. The clip keeps things pinned where they belong, and the holster has retention detents around the trigger guard. I never worried about losing my gun during day-to-day carry.

While it was a bit disconcerting to have things wiggling around that close to the goods, I got accustomed to it. If this were a competition rig, I’d probably have some Velcro sewn to the inside of my pants that would match up with a corresponding piece attached to the shell of the holster. This wiggle seems to help the barrel find that magic groove between thigh and male bravado.

The only other slight issue I had was that aggressive draws resulted in my undershirt becoming untucked. This is simply a byproduct of having the entire grip exposed. As I wrapped my dominant hand around the grip, I’d pull more and more of my shirt up as my practice sessions went on. For competition or long term sessions, I’d recommend going with some sort of slick, form fitting undershirt from the likes of Under Armour.

Now that I’ve gotten my nitpicking out of the way, I want to make very clear the advantage of this holster and its position. Kydex is fast. Say what you will (and I know you will), I’m a Kydex fan because of how effortless the draw is. Once unclipped, my gun is coming out quick and fast.

I don’t care about how it looks or if it mars my gun (it doesn’t). My primary need from a holster after safety is speed. And Kydex does that in a way that leather just can’t. Mix that with the fact that the appendix position is freaky fast and you really do have the best of both worlds when it comes to bringing your piece to bear as fast as possible. If you are willing to be an absolute stickler about trigger discipline, this is a fast, concealable, and fairly comfortable holster to add to your drawer.

Specifications: Comp-Tac Two O’Clock Holster

  • Type: Tuckable IWB Appendix Carry
  • Materials: Kydex
  • Adjustment: You can pick between a Standard or J-Clip
  • MSRP: $60.00

Ratings (out of five stars)

Fit and Finish * * * * *

Absolutely top notch work from Comp-Tac. This holster is hell bent for stout and built to last just like all the other gear I’ve seen from them.

Customization *

The only customization available to you after your intial order is tightening the two screws that control retention, and changing clips.

Comfort * * *

Physically, this is fairly comfortable. Naturally, it isn’t as nice as my OWB Paddle Holster, but for a day of walking and standing, I’d choose it over my IWB MTAC holster from Comp-Tac. For a day of sitting and driving, though, I’d probably look for something else. Having the barrel of my gun pressing between my thigh and unmentionables is only bearable for so long.

Concealability * * * * *

Say what you will about nestling a gun next to the goods, appendix carry is a printaphobe’s dream. Nobody knows you’re carrying a full size gun unless they hug you or you blow out your femoral artery. I’m giving extra points for how narrow the Two is. No ugly wrinkles mean less printing and an easier time at the urinal for the stand up guys out there.