Gun Review: Gunwerks LR-1000 System

Regular readers will remember that I headed out to Wyoming to go meet up with the Gunwerks crew to attend their Long Range University. Part of the schooling means using only Gunwerks guns and gear for the range portion of class. While I’m sure this translates to sales for the Gunwerks team, the idea behind […]

Gear Review: Wolff Striker Spring – S&W Sigma

The Sigma from S&W is in many ways THE red headed stepchild of the Smith lineup. Created with a price a few hundred dollars below the M&P, it seems to be a popular choice for the budget-minded buyer who still wants the Smith logo. Buyer beware however, the trigger is something out of a horror […]

Has it Really Been a Year?

I’m one of the newer writers on staff at TTAG, and certainly not part of the “old guard” like Dan, Nick, and RF. But tempus sure does fugit. Its been one year since my first article posted here. I got my first taste of being published and watching people give feedback and its been a […]

An Interview with Gunwerks Founder Aaron Davidson

A few weeks ago, I flew up to Wyoming to shoot with the guys and gals at Gunwerks, Hopefully, you’ve read my class and range reviews here, here, here, and here. I also sat down with Aaron Davidson for about 35 minutes while I was there to pick his brain about Gunwerks, long range hunting […]

Class Review: KR Training – Personal Tactics & Skills

Besides being a cool collection of acronyms, PTS at KR is one of the best classes (gun or other) that I’ve taken. Period. End of sentence. It impressed me so much because the content is immediately applicable to daily life. Whereas my running and gunning classes are cool, the likelihood that I’ll ever use those […]

Gunwerks Long Range University: Range Day 2

While most of the students (myself included) spent Day 1 at the range familiarizing ourselves with the Gunwerks platform, Day 2 was about getting off the bench into some realistic field positions and making good shots on different target at a variety of distances. We had the same sighting targets at 400, 700, and 950 […]

Gunwerks Long Range University: Classroom Day 2

The second day of class with Aaron focused less on the mechanics of shooting and more on practical field applications as well as tips, tricks, and rules of thumb. Whereas Day 1 was filled with “good to know” information, the information from Day 2 is immediately applicable to daily shooting conditions. One of the reader comments on […]

Gunwerks Long Range University: Range Day 1

There are few things more satisfying than putting three rounds on steel at 700 yards. Save for possibly putting three more rounds on steel at 950 yards. Thanks to Gunwerks, I’ve now done both. And I did it with relative ease. Make the jump to hear how . . .

Gunwerks Long Range University: Classroom Day 1

Getting to Burlington, WY, Gunwerks HQ, is no easy task. I thought I was somewhat remote in Cody, WY, but 37 miles to the East; it gets a little more desolate. And I think that’s the way Aaron Davidson likes it. Before class kicked off, my class of 10 talked with him about how remote […]

Open Carry: Been There. Done That.

One of the perks of this Gunwerks trip is that I get to visit one of’s “Gold Star” states. And that means I get to open carry for the first time in my life. I’ve done it twice so far. The first time was for these cheesy tourist pictures taken at the Wyoming/Montana border.

Gear Review: Comp-Tac Two O’Clock Holster

After I bemoaned the width of the Comp-Tac Minotaur AIWB holster, Tiffany at Comp-Tac was quick to send out their Two O’Clock model for review. I have to say, after a few days toting the Two around, I’m almost an AIWB convert. I’ll give credit where credit is due, the appendix position is wicked fast. As […]