“These easy to install Pro 2nd Amendment door viewers, are manufactured from black impact resistant plastic,” gggaz.com informs.”The Pistol Peeps stick out from the face of the door about 1 1/4″. They adjust to fit doors from 1-5/16″ to 2″ thick, and if you already have a peep viewer in your door, these should fit right into the 1/2″ hole that’s already there. (Most door peeps are installed in 1/2″ holes. Check yours before ordering to make sure) The Pistol Peep Dor Viewers include a glass viewer with antiqued brass surround metal insertion screw. They all weigh about 2.5 ounces and closely resemble the gun they are mimicking.” And there’s your trouble. [h/t everydaynodaysoff.com]

8 Responses to What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Pistol Peep Door Viewer Edition

  1. Obviously, most people would not recognize it as a peephole and would consider it a real gun being pointed out a hole in the door. That could lead to many um interesting results. Two thumbs down.

  2. The Pistol Peep is very funny. Are there people who might think it’s a real gun? Sure, the same lulus who claim they were abducted by aliens or Democratic party officials, but nobody takes them seriously anyway.

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