Top Ten Deer Rifles. Allegedly.

George Block has been around the. Well, you’d certainly think so given his Facebook photo. The Observer-Reporter reporter (and observer) has compiled his list of the top ten deer rifles. While Block’s list tends towards the classics, it’s a perfect opportunity for me to spend the next 45 minutes scraping gun photos while waiting for the sprinkler guy to show up. Number 10, the 1873 Winchester, is above; although you might not want to take a $55k gun into the field. Make the jump for the count down to number one with a bullet (captions are beneath examples) . . .

9. 1886 Winchester

8. Remington pump-action Model 14 [above] and Model 141

7. Remington pump-action Model 760 and 7600 [above]

6. Winchester Model 70

5. Ruger Model 77

4. Savage Model 99

3. Marlin Model 336

2. Remington Model 700

1. Winchester Model 94