Playboy: “Has Gun Culture Gone Too Far?”

 I haven’t read the June issue of Playboy magazine. Truth be told, I haven’t read any magazine since 2004. Unless by “read’ you mean “look at the pictures.” Then sure, I’ve perused Guns & Ammo. As for Hugh Hefner’s rag, fuhgeddabout tit. Why pay for airbrushed areolae when you can get it for free online? As Playboy continues to ignore the fact that it’s almost as dead as its founder, the book’s editors continue to publish articles between pictorials of not entirely unattractive models (e.g., Ms. Corneliussen above, from a non-Playboy shoot). Since Armed & Dangerous. Has Gun Culture Gone Too Far? isn’t online, I haven’t read it. But a lot of bloggers have. In particular, John Pierce from Who would do because he’s quoted. And here’s what he has to say about that . . .

[Pat] Jordan [not shown] wraps up with a litany of insults for us at, calling us a “liability”, “a wild card”, and the NRA’s “redheaded stepchild.”  But I have always said that, so long as they report what you actually said … and you didn’t say anything stupid, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

And think about it from another perspective.  We have Playboy running an article in which open carry is presented as the extreme alternative to the “righteous” activity of carrying concealed.

Think about that … We may not have finished our mission of normalizing open carry in every state, but we sure seem to have moved the bar a long way toward making concealed carry the new normal.  And that’s not a bad place to start … when you’re winning the culture war.

I’m sorry. What?