How Not to Arrest a Cop


AP: “Police learned about a possible inappropriate relationship between the girl and [LA Officer Alberto] Covarrubias two days before the shooting. The girl told investigators she had sex with Covarrubias and agreed to participate in a ruse where she would tell him she might be pregnant with his child, according to the report . . .

Shortly before the shooting, the girl called Covarrubias and told him about the pregnancy and that he was the only person who could be the father of the child.

Covarrubias asked the girl to deny they had sex and said he would kill himself if their relationship was made public, the report said.

“‘You know, I’ll be honest with you, I won’t go to jail,'” Covarrubias tells the girl, according to the report. “‘I’ll go out, but I won’t go to jail.'”

Covarrubias adds: “‘But like I said, if it gets out that it’s mine, if you tell anybody, or this is a set up … I’m done girl.'”

Police then made the decision to arrest Covarrubias at the DUI checkpoint, even though at least one superior was concerned about arresting an armed officer among other officers, most of whom had no idea that Covarrubias was under investigation.

Another high-ranking officer said the reason for making an arrest immediately was because Covarrubias “may be suicidal and had told someone that he wasn’t going to be taken alive,” the report said.

Two sergeants — one of them the officer’s cousin — approached Covarrubias but he backed away. Covarrubias drew his gun and fired one shot, but didn’t hit anyone, the report said. Security camera video from a nearby business captured some of the struggle.

One of the sergeants pleaded for help from fellow officers as Covarrubias did not let go of his gun. When Kline noticed the two sergeants were in “the fight for life,” according to the report, he pulled out his weapon and shot and killed Covarrubias.