Syrian Massacre Aside, What About Mexico?


I’m having a hard time understanding the mainstream media’s fascination with Middle Eastern slaughter when Mexico is the bloodbath next door, with tens of thousands of citizens tortured, murdered and dismembered. To wit: “At least 10 people were murdered over the weekend in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco,” reports. “Two dismembered bodies were found Sunday morning by the Acapulco municipal police department. The mutilated bodies were discovered in Acapulco’s La Maquina district, with the heads and extremities left alongside the trunks. Two men were gunned down at a basketball court in La Maquina on Saturday morning. The other five bodies were found in different sections of the resort city, and all of the victims died from gunshot wounds.” If the PRI wins Mexico’s upcoming presidential election, they’ll cut a deal with the cartels and we’ll have a full-blown narcoterrorist state on our border. And Mexico’s disarmed, powerless populace will live under its yoke. Unless they head North . . .