Question of the Day: What’s Your Gun’s Name?

According to ace gun pornographer Oleg Volk, the mutton-chopped owner of the Coal Creek Armory custom shotgun above named his high cap scattergun “Vera.” Vera meaning faith in Russian. INSERT SAIGA RELIABILITY JOKE HERE. Personally, I don’t name my firearms. OK, I will say “C’mere baby” when grabbing my beloved Benelli or seriously sexy SCAR. But as the proud owner of the new Caracal 9mm (a.k.a., Honky Cat) I could warm to the idea. So who’s in your gun safe?


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91 Responses to Question of the Day: What’s Your Gun’s Name?

  1. avatarDucky says:

    In the TV show Firefly, Jayne Cobb names his rifle Vera, and the shirt shown in the photo is also worn by Jayne.

  2. avatarthedriver says:

    That guy probably named it Vera in imitation of Jayne Cobb from Firefly (whose Vera in the show was based on a Saiga 12 IIRC).

  3. avatarbgryphon says:

    i purchased a rifle that kicked like a mule. Before I fixed it one of my friends named it after a malicious ex. The name stuck. None of the rest have aquired named status.

  4. avatarTarrou says:

    I named one. I miss her.

  5. avatarSigEpTendo says:

    I have a Mossberg 590 that I named Mortimer, because, hey, it sounds like a good, big, shotgun name. I named my 1911 Matilda – in old German that translates to “Mighty in Battle.”

    I have a ruger SR9c that I’ve grown fond of… cant think of a proper name for it yet, though.

  6. avatarAharon says:

    I’ve named my Ruger SP101 Rebecca (also known as Rivkah).

  7. avatarJamestheTurk says:

    My ACR is named Vidarr, after the Norse god of vengeance. He’s painted with a custom Starry Night-inspired digital camo in OD and black. He came out looking a little bit like a mossy old runestone too, so it works really well. I’m a historian with a bit of a Norse fetish (and an Yggdrassil talisman around my neck). LSS, Odin is a better muse than Clio. I could write more on why my gun’s name is badass as could be, but you could read the myth of Ragnarok and make plenty of sense of it on your own. :D

  8. avatarMALTHUS says:

    My .376 Steyr Scout Rifle is named Bagatelle (trifle, short piece…) to denote its insignificant weight and length.

  9. avatarbontai Joe says:

    My grandfather named his favorite shot gun “Ol’ Fuzee”. It was an early breach loading single shot 12 ga with a barrel shortened to 22″. Because of it’s age, he would only shoot black powder shells in it and the muzzle blast reminded him of the “Fuzee” brand flares he used when he worked on the railroad. I named my 1911-A1 “Betsy” in homage to Mickey Spillane’s character Mike Hammer.

  10. avatarBlake says:

    I call my gun safe “Ministry of Justice.”

    (Okay, I really don’t, I just made it up..but now that I think about it…)

  11. avatarUSMCVeteran says:

    In the Marine Corps we were required to give our rifles, M-14′s at the time, a girl’s name. Since then I have always named my weapons which are too numerous to list here.

  12. avatarRyan Finn says:

    I named my CZ-75 P07 Duty “Kamila”, the Czech spelling of Camilla, the name of a legendary warrior maiden of the Volsci from the Aeneid. Seemed fitting for such a badass gun.

    I honestly haven’t named the other ones.

    • avatarCarlosT says:

      The Aeneid! Truly you are a man of honor and distinction. Shame about what happens to Camilla, though, but there are few chatacters in epic poetry that meet a good end.

  13. avatarDrewR55 says:

    My wife and I named our ARs Mama Bear and Papa Bear.

  14. avatarshazbot says:

    My WASR is named Raisa, my 1911 is named Mary, and my new/old Security Six doesn’t have a name yet but it will as soon as it gets a new forcing cone and can actually shoot where it’s aimed again.

  15. avatarWilliam says:

    My two Berettas, px4 compact and a 96A1 are just, “The Girls.” :-)

  16. avatarPaul says:

    My Auto Ordnance full-size 1911 is named “Captain America”
    My S&W 1911 w/3″ bbl, which I carry IWB appendix is named “Private Parts”
    My Glock 17 is “Doctor Glock”
    My brother’s CCW weapon is “Mr. Hyde”

  17. avatarHeadoftheholler says:

    My 1896 Mosin sporter with a 1943 Tikka barrel is named Alexie, Russian for “Defender”.

  18. avatarGeoff says:

    Name all of our guns in the house, nice to be able tot talk about them in mixed company and no one has a clue.

  19. avatarTim McNabb says:

    My wife named our home defense shotgun “Miranda”. Inspired by this, I named my beloved M&P Compact .40 “Carmen”.

    Her .38 Smith with Crimson Trace is named “Scarlet”. Our AK 47 is “Alice” (for “Alice Kramden”). My daily carry piece is a DB9, so her name is “Debbie”.

  20. avatarLoyd says:

    Haven’t named my pistols or rifles, no names jump to mind. But I have two 12g SxS shotguns named “The Doctor” and “The Gentleman”, and a single shot break open .410 called “The Lady”.

  21. avatarLeo Atrox says:

    I don’t name ‘em. Yes, I know that’s boring and not worthy of sharing with you. Now you wish you didn’t read this comment, yes? Well, you still are …

  22. avatarLoyd says:

    Haven’t named my pistols or rifles, no names jump to mind. But I have two 12g SxS shotguns named “The Doctor” and “The Gentleman”, and a single shot break open .410 called “The Lady”. I’d like to buy a Mauser rifle just so I can call it “Gunhilda” (“Battle Maid”)

  23. avatarNick V. says:

    Naming your guns puts you in the Kevin Spacey in Seven category.

    • avatarJake says:

      No I’m pretty sure torturing people to death puts you in the Kevin Spacey in Seven category.

  24. avatarbrigo05 says:

    Named my Ruger GP-100 Susannah from the Dark Tower series upon completion of the 7th book. I know its not a SA revolver but none-the less…
    Names are still open for my Sig p229 Two Tone and my Armalite AR10

  25. avatarCarlosT says:

    The XDm Compact, which I got second, got named first as Junior, which led to the full size getting named Big Brother.

    • avatarBuuurr says:

      I also have the XDm Compact. I thought the angles and lines on it looked a little like the dwarven shapes and lines from LOTR so I named it Gimli.

  26. avatarMatt in FL says:

    A cute french girl at a friend’s range day once named my P238 the “Noisy Cricket,” a la Men in Black. The name stuck as long as the cute girl was in earshot.

    Hey, I’m not sentimental, but I’m also not stupid.

  27. avatarCody Mikles says:

    My father made a sling for a guy who had his AK engraved with “Hammer of Thor.” Also its good to see a Tennessee-based custom shop on TTAG.

    • avatarCody Mikles says:

      Oh and Vera comes from the name Jane (Adam Baldwin) gave his gun in Firefly.

      • avatarJesse N. says:

        You know that’s exactly the gun that came in mind when I first read this topic. Even before I noticed the person in the photo was wearing a ‘Blue Sun’ T shirt.

      • I named my C-93 “Jayne”, because Jayne was carrying an HK in Serenity.

        • avatarrosignol says:

          I’m pretty sure that was a Saiga with a bunch of crap bolted to it.

          I also have a ‘Vera’, she’s a PTR-91.

        • avatarLemming says:

          ” See Vera? Dress yourself up, you get taken out somewhere fun. ”

          Yes, Vera was a Saiga 500 with AR levels of stuff hung off it.

  28. avatarMercutio says:

    “My Friend Here”?

  29. avatarJesse N. says:

    I’ve never named a firearm. Which I suppose is somewhat fortunate. It would make me feel worse that I’ve had to get ride of my entire collection three times. Due to having to bail family out of various catastrophes.

  30. avatarJess Banda says:

    I named it after your mom…

  31. avatarfreeport56 says:

    My M1A is referred to as “Western Union.” I’ll let you fill in the details!

  32. avatarready,fire,aim says:

    I named my keltec P-11 P.O.S (you figure that one out)

  33. avatarJim March says:

    My massively modified Ruger New Vaquero goes by “Maurice”. Steve Miller Band reference – because some people call it the Space Cowboy :).

    This is the “gas-eject special”, about to go back under the knife to get magazine feeding.

  34. avatarvirtualjohn says:

    I have two guns that have acquired names, both named by friends. My Marlin 1895 Guide gun in .45-70 Gov’t a friend called a ‘Little Beast’ and that has stuck. One of hunting partners called my Remington 700 XCR in .300 Win Mag a real ‘Gamegetter’ after dropping a doe on the run with lights out neck shot. I had taken a buck afew days earlier and that was the third year in a row I’ tagged out with that gun.

  35. avatarRalph says:

    People should not name inanimate objects that do not require inflation.

  36. avatarRopingdown says:

    I can hear the testimony now:
    Prosecutor: “And did you then draw your 9mm pistol and wave it belligerently in Mr. Jones’ face?”
    Defendent: “Are you referring to Suzette? Did I wave Suzette?”

  37. avatarMr. Carpenter says:

    My Beretta 9mm ” Vinnie” Springfield 1911 “Hank” My Taurus 357 Mag “Dirty” My COlt AR is “Lucifer” and Century AK is “Achmed”. My 45/70 Guide Gun is “Bill”

  38. avatarMr. Carpenter says:

    OH and my four Rem. 870s are…. eenie, meenie, miney, and moe. Take your pic they’re all on.

  39. avatarHal says:

    I named my LMT MWS “Anduril.”

  40. avatarMoonshine7102 says:

    I don’t name ‘em. Dog forbid that sort of thing comes out when you’re in court after a DGU.

  41. avatarAZRon says:

    I have to believe that people naming their firearms are the type of folks that the antis warn us about.

    I have .22′s, .308′s, .45′s and others, but I have NO Betsys.

    • avatarBuuurr says:

      How so? When I was gunless and lived in Canda I named my Dad’s truck Megan because its was loud and annoying like the niece it was named after. Was I a gun nut because of that?

      Many people name things they love and have had for a long time. People grow fond and so they name things they are fond of. It isn’t rocket science. It is no mor weird then the folk who name rocks and minerals after themselves or loved ones.

      So what?

  42. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    I named two of my S&W 500′s Fatman and Little Boy(LB is the snubnose) after the atomic bombs. I was going the name the third 500 THE APOCALYPSE but S&W had already named it THE BONE COLLECTOR.

  43. avatarDaveM says:

    After reading some of the names people have used for their firearms my creative juices started flowing.
    590, government, commander, 19, 66, 29 is what I have come up with so far.
    Later on after a few beverages I might be inspired to name the rest.

  44. avatarScooter says:

    My Mosin-Nagant was going to be Ivan, until I put the first few rounds down range. “Bam Bam” seemed more appropriate… and it stuck. 80 rounds the first time out. Ouch.

    • avatarNick V. says:

      Dang, 80 rounds? I would have called it “Pheeeeeeweeee” after the sound coming out of my damaged eardrums even with double protection.

  45. avatarTed says:

    Red Rider, Carbine-Action, 200-Shot Range Model Air Rifle; name “Old Blue”

  46. avatarWilliam says:

    My .44 special Ruger Blackhawk Flattop is “El Guapo”.

  47. avatarWes S. says:

    After a co-worker and I were overheard talking guns by another co-worker, who snarkily said that we sounded “like a Lynryd Skynryd song,” I humorously said that, just for that, I was going to call my newly-acquired flattopped Ruger Blackhawk .44 Special “Three Steps.”

    She didn’t think I was very funny. Everybody else in earshot thought it was hilarious.

  48. avatarChris says:

    I noticed that Oleg’s “Vera” looks sorta like Jayne’s “Vera” from Firefly.

    • avatargage says:

      Excellent catch!

      • avatarJake F. says:

        Blue Sun in also the mega-corp that that produces everything in the Firefly verse.

        I have a friend with an AR named the same thing. One of my grandads also had a Stoeger coach gun he called Old Nasty.

  49. avatarTom says:

    I usually just call my guns by the model number.
    870, 37, 66, 1022, PP, P, 788, 12, etc

  50. avatarPhilthegardener says:

    My carry pistol is a trusty 1911. I call it “Big Bo”

  51. avatarBrad_in_MA says:

    I named my Mosin Nagant 91/30 “The Lovely and Deadly Lyudmila” — in honor of Red Army sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko who dispatched 309 Nazi bad guys with a scoped 91/30.

    • avatarScooter says:

      Mosin Nagants do interesting things to bowling balls. “Bam Bam’s” new friend is a used Marlin 25 I couldn’t pass up at JW Firearms. I think it shall be “Pebbles.” Kinda looks like a little MoNa, but it doesn’t require ice and rest after shooting.

  52. avataradamt says:


  53. avatarVolkho Mashchenko says:

    Taurus PT 24/7 Pro DS .45 = “Krasivaya Vîeshch`”
    Mosin Nagant M91/30 = “Staraya Sabaka”
    GM-100 .22LR = “Maliy` Prastak”
    now i want a Colt Pacemaker to name him “Putin Ubi`ÿ´ĭtsa” <=== yes, I need to emphasize enough!!!

  54. avatarMikeyMike says:

    I think I just named my S&W Oprah…random…my buddy named his Mary Poppins

  55. I’ve got a coverted Saiga 12 called “The Rainmaker”
    An AK103 bought for TEOTWAWKI, and after a conversation about bullets vs beans vs bullion with a friend it aquired the name: “The Alchemist” Since it would eventually have the oppertunity to turn lead into gold.

  56. avatarFort Brody says:

    Yellow… Me and my bud Jeff are throwing some back while he mods my 75 round drum AK. I think I just named my AK “Judge Judy”!

  57. avatar0351 says:

    I did have a name for my service weapon that I had the longest – Meg, after a girl I knew. Now though, it occurs to me that firearms are far too phallic to be ladies in general. Now that I finally have what is probably the finest rifle I’ll ever own, I suppose I’ll have to think of something.

  58. avatarrevjen45 says:

    Mr. Mossberg.

  59. avatarpittypat21 says:

    Mine are named “Rifle” and “Carbine”.

    But seriously, I would feel like I was cheating on my wife if I spent too much time with a rifle with a girl’s name.

  60. avatarWRH says:

    My Glock 17 is named “Jennifer,” which gave my wife pause until I explained it (Gen-4). Her Ruger Single Ten is “Eli,” and my 870 is “Kindness.” Haven’t found the right name for my JR Carbine yet.

  61. avatarRNislandgirl says:

    Thor -Sig 40, Toto – M&P 22, Chewie – Beretta 9mm. Haven’t named my Glock 17 or M&P 15-22 yet….

  62. avatarAustin bywater says:

    My 12 gauge is Kevin and my 20 gauge is Richard

  63. avatarRJB says:

    My Remington 870 tactical combat, I lovingly call , Brunhilde.

  64. avatarRobert Nelson says:

    I gotta name all 27 of them? I’ll name just a couple.

    My Sig Sauer P239 in .357 SIG is named Geraldine.
    My superlight .44 magnum S&W 329PD is called Mule.
    My full auto HK MP5 is called Buzzsaw.
    My suppressed HK.45CT is called Sneaky Pete.
    My suppressed Remington 700 SPS .308 is called Eliminator.
    My S&W no-dash 586 .357 magnum is called Dirty Harry

  65. avatarEmmanuel Cortez says:

    My mossberg500 is called chuck
    My arsenal sam7f is called mikh short for mikhail
    My springfield xd 45 tactical is called raven still not sure what to call it
    I have two names picked out for my future semi auto shotgun if it’s a vepr 12 ga beastie if it’s a mossberg 930 or a benelli m4 it’s called mal short for malificent

  66. avatarMike says:

    I have a Glock 26 I call “the little pisser”.

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