Question of the Day: How Do You Know if a Firearm is Reliable?


“The real issue for me,” Ralph wrote in his conclusion of the Caracal C vs. Glock 19 comparo, “the plastic Arab lacks the Glock’s record of reliability. Even though TTAG’s testers have thrown well over a thousand rounds of God-knows-what downrange with the Caracal C with only a single bum bullet, I’d only consider the C for my Every Day Carry (EDC) after the gun’s reliability and durability were proven through some kind of torture test. Or a longer track record.” FWIW, the Caracal’s now my carry gun. Other than the video above (F not C), I have no reason to doubt the Caracal C will go bang when needs be. What constitutes “reliable” for your self-defense gun? Personal experience? Brand rep? Interior exam? Lack of YouTube problemas? Que? [h/t Totenglocke and Stephen]