OMG! Supermarket Security Guards! With Guns! In NJ! OMG!

“Save-A-Lot opened Thursday, becoming [Atlantic City’s] first supermarket in six years,” reports, “and its first ever protected by armed security guards. At least two gun-carrying guards will work at all times inside the discount grocer now operating in Renaissance Plaza at Atlantic and Kentucky avenues.” Longtime local and casino cashier Mara Swain is down with that. “Atlantic City’s not the safest place, and then with the liquor store right there, you have a lot of people hanging around, asking for change. And it’s kind of a violent area, so while you’re in the store you’re a little more safe.” Question: how did private security gets guns in a state that spits on the Second Amendment? “In compliance with state and local laws, Save-A-Lot security workers are off-duty or retired law-enforcement personnel.” Figures.