NRA Can’t Stand “Stand Your Ground”

The National Rifle Association’s silence on the Trayvon Martin shooting has been deafening, but predictable. The gun rights org didn’t want to draw fire from the media-fueled mob who considered the killing a racially motivated crime. So, just like Mr. Zimmerman, the NRA STFU. This despite the fact that the homicide triggered ill-informed and misleading calls for repeal of “Stand Your Ground” laws. The Martin homicide occurred on February 26, 2012. Yesterday (May 4), the NRA finally released a statement defending Stand Your Ground laws. Only the NRA calls them “Self-Defense Laws.” This from the group that condemns the term “assault rifle.” Make the jump for the NRA’s weasel words . . .

Statement from NRA on Self-Defense Laws

The National Rifle Association always has, and always will, advocate the passage and preservation of self-defense laws.  The alternative leaves the innocent in danger.

The vast majority of states do not impose a “duty to retreat” and most Americans support laws that clarify that Common Law, common-sense right.  It empowers lawful people to defend themselves, and deters would-be murderers, rapists and robbers.

It’s a natural right:  No law “gives” it or can take it away.  It’s yours.  It works.  And its only alternative– the idea that distant, disinterested third parties can dictate after the fact that “you must retreat”–will never be accepted by the American people.

For these reasons, NRA will work to protect self-defense laws on the books, and advocate for their passage in those states that do not fully respect this fundamental right