Bank of America to NSSF (re: McMillan Arms): No Ban on Firearms Companies


Back in April, McMillan Rifles’ Director of Operations reported that the Bank of America told him to drop dead [paraphrasing]. According to Ryan McMillan the company that bears his name was DOA with BOA because McMillan made firearms. The blowback may not have rocked the Bank to its core, but more than a few members of the gun rights community closed their BOA accounts in protest. Being a “why can’t we all just get along?” kinda industry lobby group, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) contacted BOA and “insisted” on a response to Big Mac’s kvetch. Just under a month later, an NSSF email blast reveals the altogether surprising fact that . . .

the Bank of America says “nuh-uh.” First, a bit of tut-tutting from the NSSF . . .

As we noted in our original statement on this matter, we are aware that many members of our industry have had longstanding banking and business relationships with the Bank of America and had reported to us that they had not encountered any problems with the bank due to the fact that their business was in the firearms industry.

In a May 2, 2012, reply, the Bank of America said that though it could not comment on its relationship with customers, the company has not made changes to its policies.

“I want to assure you and your organization that we do not have a policy that would deny banking services to entities because they are in the firearms industry,” wrote Anne G. Pace in BOA’s letter.

As Aretha Franklin sang, Who’s Zooming Who? Kelly McMillan’s peeps said he’d call TTAG tomorrow to give us an official reply. Meanwhile, click here for McMillan’s interview on the subject.