Adventures in Open Carry: Regal Shiloh Crossing Stadium 18 Cinema Indiana, Indianapolis

TTAG reader Brian Jacobsen writes:

Two weekends ago I attended a showing of The Avengers at the Regal Shiloh Crossing Stadium 18 in Avon, Indiana. I’d open carried at this theater several times with no problem. When I went to buy a ticket at the window the ticket taker asked me to leave my weapon in my car. He made this “suggestion” over the microphone in front of about fifty people. I asked to speak to a manager, who confirmed that this was the theater’s policy.  So I called their corporate offices to make double sure that this was indeed their position . . .

I had a lengthy, cordial and somewhat strange conversation with a gentleman at the corporate offices.  I would be hard-pressed to relay the conversation other than to note that his impression of legal firearm owners was exceedingly poor. I would imagine most of his information came from a source indistinguishable from The Brady Campaign.

When I suggested that he was missing out on making his theaters safer by allowing legal firearm owners to carry he made several disparaging ‘gun toting yahoo’ type remarks and insisted that allowing guns in the theater would keep the theater from being a ‘family friendly’ environment.

I’m just sending this up the chain to you dudes. Is there anything to be done? I really hate when I feel demonized for doing something that is perfectly legal and in my opinion a good thing.

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