HPR Ammunition: Made in America, For Americans

The silencer shoot this past weekend was mainly BYOA — Bring Your own Ammo. Silencer manufacturers were perfectly happy to let you try their stuff and use their guns, but they wanted you to have your own supply of rounds to put downrange. For those who didn’t bring some from home, HPR Ammunition was on hand to dole out the lead in return for some greenbacks. And since I hadn’t heard of them before I figured I would lay some knowledge down on you readers as well.

HPR, or High Precision Range ammunition, is a relatively new ammunition manufacturer based out of Arizona whose shtick is to make 100% American made ammunition. everything from the copper jacket down to the priming compound is made right here in the USA.

But what really sets them apart from the other manufacturers is somethign I almost couldn’t believe when I heard their rep say it at the event:

“If you find a fingerprint or two on the ammunition when you open the box that’s because every round is inspected by hand.”

The only other manufacturer I know that has 100% visual inspection of ammunition is Wilson Combat, and that’s because those crazy bastards load each round by hand.

Everything about this ammunition screams “premium quality,” from the high gloss polish on the cases down to the well designed cardboard packaging.

Needless to say I’ve asked for some ammunition to test out to see how they rate among the rest of the ammo manufacturers, but for first impressions it looks like some damn fine ammo.