First Commercially Available Remington XM2010 On Sale

Apparently the first (of hopefully many) of Remington’s XM2010 rifles, the model that won the competition to become the next sniper rifle for the U.S. Army and more importantly a place in my heart, is on sale to the public. Modern Pawn and Guns down in Corpus Christi, Texas has it, and it can be yours for the right price. And a 7 month wait for the can . . .

I had a chance to fire this system at NDIA last year, and it is without a doubt the finest rifle I have ever laid behind. I’ve been waiting ever since for the chassis to become available to the public, but according to the Remington reps they’re still working out the bugs and it won’t really be available to the public until they’re happy with it.

Which begs the question — how did these guys get their hands on one? It seems like every one Remington makes is earmarked for service in the field with our soldiers rather than in some civilian’s gun safe, so what is this one doing out of formation?

There are three explanations in my opinion: either Remington is pulling a publicity stunt (in which case why pick a store no one has ever heard of in the southern tip of Texas?), Remington has filled their military orders and is now shipping to stores (in which case, again, why the furthest gun store possible?) or this one “fell off a truck.” In which case the ATF might have some questions about the provenance of that can.

[h/t TFB]