Awesome Video of the Day: U.S. RIFLE, CALIBER 7.62MM, M14

How did no one tell me about this channel? They have tons of cool videos, including a series produced by the armed forces explaining the operation, disassembly and reassembly of weapons to the troops. Very cool.

Yes, yes it can. I was goofing around on the range today and figured I should answer that question with a video. In short it won’t be as effective as a true 5.56 silencer, but as I show with this 762-SDN-6 (designed for 7.62 NATO) it still brings the noise of the round going off close enough to “hearing safe” for my tastes.

Ask Foghorn: How to Load an EnBloc Clip for an M1 Garand

Tyler Kee and I have recently purchased a pair of M1 Garand rifles. We have some grand plans for these guns involving much hog slaughtering and paper punching, and are planning to put them through their paces this Saturday. But before we can fire them, we need to load them. And I get the idea Tyler has no idea how that whole “clip” thing works. So, in the five minutes between the time my box of M1 clips arrived and when I had to go to work today, I slapped together this video.