Field Stripping an M1 Garand

The very first thing I do when I get a new gun is learn as much as I can about it, which usually means stopping by YouTube for a quick briefing on how to tear the thing down and put it back together. But this time, with my M1 Garand, the best I could find was a […]

Hunting with a Silencer for the First Time

This past weekend I trucked out to Tyler’s family ranch to do some practice with the brand new M1 Garand rifles we picked up, as well as get some midnight 3-gun practice in preparation of the Crimson trace Midnight 3-gun that’s coming up sooner than I would like. While I was waiting for the sun to go […]

Can a 30 Caliber Silencer Work on 5.56 Ammunition?

Yes, yes it can. I was goofing around on the range today and figured I should answer that question with a video. In short it won’t be as effective as a true 5.56 silencer, but as I show with this 762-SDN-6 (designed for 7.62 NATO) it still brings the noise of the round going off […]

Ask Foghorn: How to Load an EnBloc Clip for an M1 Garand

Tyler Kee and I have recently purchased a pair of M1 Garand rifles. We have some grand plans for these guns involving much hog slaughtering and paper punching, and are planning to put them through their paces this Saturday. But before we can fire them, we need to load them. And I get the idea […]

Gun Review: H&K M320 Grenade Launcher

As RF likes to point out, I have a bit of a thing for grenade launchers. I can’t rationalize it or find a practical use — there’s just something amazingly fun about firing gigantic projectiles at distant targets. Especially when those projectiles emit a small orange puff of smoke upon impact. So its no wonder […]

Gun Review: Ruger American Rifle

If you’re someone looking for a good bolt action rifle that doesn’t break the bank, you’re not alone. The budget bolt gun market is practically booming these days, with companies like Savage, Mossberg Weatherby and Remington all jockeying to get the best combination of price versus accuracy. This January Ruger introduced the American Rifle, their […]

Firing the M249 PARA Like an Idiot

There are moments in my firearms career that I am proud of and remember with great fondness. Hitting the 10 ring from 1,000 yards away on the first shot. Scoring 4 headshots on delicious animals with a 100% accuracy rate. Out-shooting (albeit for a brief glimmer of a moment) the Marine Corps Rifle Team. This…this was […]

NDIA: General Dynamics Introduces .338 Norma Magnum Machine Gun

General Dynamics are the current manufacturers of the M2 Browning machine gun for the U.S. military, as well as many other awesome gadgets for the modern warfighter. This year they are showing off a brand new never before seen machine gun chambered in .338 Norma Magnum. Which is pretty awesome, but the question is: why? (Video after […]