46 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. avatarMark says:

    “Your barrel is pitted…”
    “Your lens cap is on…”

  2. avatarAdam D says:

    F-stop, don’t shoot!

  3. avatarGS650G says:

    Wait for the flash.

  4. avatardavvehall says:

    Ok,the duel starts now!! we both shoot on the count of 3 and then see who wins!!

  5. avatarCharlie says:

    My camera isn’t as ubiquitous as your M4.

  6. avatarDrewR55 says:

    NBC’s pilot episode for the reboot of ‘The Odd Couple’ is set in California.

  7. avatarCurtis says:

    Major manufacturer M4 rifle with tactical attachments: $1,800
    Major manufacturer DSLR with lenses and accessories: $2,000
    Finding which one points and shoots better: priceless.

  8. avatarKWAL says:

    California police set to seize cameras not on the official DOJ “approved” list.

  9. avatarTom says:

    I want to see my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling Stone!

    I am posting too quickly! Slow Down!

  10. avatarmike0101 says:

    You know the man in black was Johnny Cash right?

  11. avatarAharon says:

    Recruiting Ad pic for the next generation of some fascist government’s Storm Troopers.

  12. avatarctsheepdog says:

    On the count of three fire, one, two, …….

  13. avatarVan says:

    Don’t get shot just to get the shot.

  14. avatarBLAMMO says:

    Know your target and what is in front of it.

  15. avatarctsheepdog says:

    Wait, aren’t we supposed to take photos showing your flash hider’s capabilities after dark?

    Now, did he fire 30 bullets into the rioting crowd or was it 29?

  16. avatarracer88 says:

    Drop it!

    No… YOU drop it!

    You drop it first!

    After you drop it!

  17. avatarGuywithagun says:

    The professional instructors demonstrate the proper positioning taught at James Yeager’s school of photography.

  18. avatarHal says:

    It seems the ATF has finally had enough of Fox News’ coverage of Operation Fast and Furious…

  19. avatarRalph says:

    “Foolish photographer. Your 35mm DSLR is no match for my 5.56 M4.”

  20. avatarBryan says:

    Confucius say, “Paparazzi must know your limitations!

  21. avatarbontai Joe says:

    Photographer thinking to himself, “I am still not quitye at the angle I want for this shot.”
    Police officer thinking to himse;f, “I know the boss said to cooperate for this magazine photo shoot, but if I just shoot the ear ring off this guy, maybe he will pester someone else the rest of the day.”

  22. avatarAaron says:

    “Take only photos, leave only casings”

  23. avatarTodd says:

    you loose. . .

  24. avatarsam says:

    Please no one say shoot

  25. avatarBob says:

    When I said “No photographs.”, I meant “No Photographs.”

  26. avatarNavyVet73 says:

    Photographer: Yeah, you may think you’re cooler, but I can delete *my* bad shots!

  27. avatarAaron says:

    “we’re running a special on professional headshots…. 100% off”

  28. avatarPhrederick says:

    Say Swiss Cheese!

  29. avatarnrogers says:

    “Smile! Wait for the flash!”

  30. avatarready,fire,aim says:

    well….if my calculations are correct…..

  31. avatarRoadrunner says:

    Then pen is mightier than the sword. Unless you’re one-on-one.

  32. avatarLeftShooter says:

    Every photographer’s dream: a shot to die for!

  33. avatarHal says:

    Kneepads; ur doing it wrong

  34. avatarDaveM says:

    I guess they don’t make goggles in small or is that a face sheild ?

  35. avatarChris says:

    They only thing that photographer wants to hear is “Click.”

  36. avatarParthenon says:

    This photo would later be taken out of context, sparking protests across the nation.

  37. avatarDaniel says:

    My CF card has a higher capacity than your magazine, but yours is longer than mine. Can we agree on that?

  38. avatarDaniel says:

    “No photos” my ass. See? Everything is fine. Now to move the focus three feet forward…

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